Je suis adrien lamy ,
a young
interactive developer

À propos

I’m a 21y/o blazing-fast front-creative-end rockstar dev from paris, france, oui!

You can find me on : or send me something at

When i’m not working at big youth, i’m doing weird stuff at gobelins , l’école of l’image.

Most of the time, you can find me passionately looking at :

Oh, i currently have 0 awwwards and 0 fwas.

Very nice!

Here's some of my stuff :

Reveal — Prototype for a school project, in collaboration with production house, "astérios".
Discover musicians by interacting with their universes.

Nüton — Prototype for a school project.
A mobile game made with Unity and Google Cloud Vision in which you can build planets by taking photos of the real world.

Tubular — ThreeJS experiment focused on fbm and a bit of postprocessing.

Black lotus — ThreeJS experiment focused on cellular noise and shaders.

Sweet tooth — ThreeJS experiment focused on modeling, animations, interactions and a skull.

Striped cream — ThreeJS experiment focused on shaders.

Cloud islands — ThreeJS experiment focused on shaders and interactions.

Morpheometry — ThreeJS experiment focused on noise (I love noise).

Soundwaves — Audio experiment with sound, done with ThreeJS during a workshop.

Ok cool bye!