Je suis adrien lamy ,
creative developer

Now available in freelancing flavor!

À propos

Creative dev and 3D stuff maker from paris, france, oui!

Currently available for freelancing work, feel free to get in touch with 👇

or send me something at

I worked in multiple digital agencies, and did weird stuff at gobelins, l’école of l’image.

Most of the time, you can find me passionately looking at :

Oh, i currently have 0 1 2 awwwards and 0 1 fwas.

Very nice!

Here's some of my stuff :

Virgin Galactic — at Dogstudio.
WebGL development.

Sprite x Marvel — at Dogstudio.
WebGL development.

Exhibition Magazine — Freelancing work.
Magazine website development.

Hulu Pride 2021 — Freelancing work.
Front-end development.

Studio Malvah — Freelancing work.
Portfolio development.

Holy Melt Burger — Freelancing work.
Tasty Fullstack development.

Copie Double — Video game for my final school project at Gobelins Paris.
A multiplayer mayhem where cheating is winning.

+ a few Snapchat lenses, Instagram filters and Unity prototypes!

You can also find some of my most experimental experiments on
and most of my 3d work on

Ok cool bye!